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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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see the greek prime minister survives a confidence vote in parliament after a week. that you view and stock markets to determine. the focus now turns to what happens that we still have to kill that like. it's just the latest data. us police weigh in with handcuffs the tons of tear gas to put down the added corporate office five move that activists say they're determined to stand their ground defense the odds. and the game of musical chairs began splitting allowed supporters are popping up all across russia as the campaign kicks off to win seats in the countries or lower house of
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parliament. this after five pm here in the russian capital this is our top story the greek prime minister will keep his job at least for now after securing a crucial confidence vote from parliament it comes after george papa dreyer horrified the country's european partners and wreaked international havoc on the markets by calling a referendum on the e.u. bailout plan for greece well a move he later councils are reports now from the greek capital. prime minister happened to his just finished meeting with the president of the republic. and he at the start of the plans the coalition government. and we still waiting waiting for details about what exactly is going to happen now leaving for there's
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a lot of confusion about what that hellish in government is going to look like that we saw promise that happens and his government by that called his nation in parliaments in the early hours of the morning it was very very close it was always going to be is we have to match the decisions but no changes really everyone still waiting to see what the details of this will be as we said before the devil really is in the details and so a lot of uncertainty still remains about what's going to happen now meeting for help guide us a bit see this political quagmire i'm joined by you because this professor of economics at this university. is very uncertain what's going to happen actually tell us a bit more about what the politicians it is saying and with a lot of people saying they're playing political games and they're forced to do that at such a critical point well the big picture is not what happened in greece is what happened yes the g twenty when they can agree on anything so not agreeing on
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anything means that austerity packages will continue as the only policy coming out of the euro zone the pressure. of the central if you center right because of the stair team issues is that the leader of the right wing party wants quick lections so he could do well and not be implicated in any of your stereo to package as we've got so far were ask up and drove the leader of the center left party doesn't want quick elections because he's deeply implicated in these policies and wants a national government a government of national unity so that the responsibility for the strategy package is shared but if you learn there is one missing out truth is is that. the people of greece who have been demonstrating for the last six months from the street and really i see no solution that doesn't at least meet some of their demands for the your stereotype recession more austerity measures vicious cycle being removed
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somehow being tainted and politically just actually addressing the social of the mass of people in this country and indeed of european peace there really is a very valid point what a lot of people are talking about here today is that is the missing ingredient that public opinion here very very disappointed at the end else that yes they are there what we seen playing out in the last week where lay as he said that message of uncertainty at a time when everyone with a people is a unified front of this and decide that kid and that's not what we're saying it's all in of course moving forward the situation making on increasingly unstable ground. and coming up later in the program fighting the corporate evil or study little more the deeper the gap between rich and poor making some resort to drastic measures. of their widespread concerns that u.s. police are becoming increasingly heavy handed in breaking up the ante corporate occupy protests that have gripped the country for nearly two months now officers
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use force to disperse a demo in the u.s. capitol and take down tents three activists were struck by a car but the driver wasn't charged and the californian city of oakland police unleashed tear gas and batons testers arrested more than one hundred several people were seriously injured including a u.s. army veteran it's a second incident of police brutality the city has seen two weeks in new york where the occupy movement protesters camped out of the party park are bracing themselves for a photo artie's movie to put i want to find out what authorities in the big apple store for. the occupy wall street movement has cemented its presence here in zuccotti park for nearly eight weeks but now many believe that the city will try to evacuate demonstrators under the pretext of crime new york city mayor michael bloomberg is now accusing these activists and indeed injuring the entire community
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saying they are failing to report crimes that are taking place here the activists here say that they try to police minor infractions but when it comes to very serious crime or violence these activists say they do take reports to the police some media outlets have also reported that it is actually new york city police officers some at least that have encouraged criminals and people to come down to zuccotti park in an effort to stir up some trouble the n.y.p.d. has denied those accusations we did speak with a few of the one hundred. of activists that are down here and here's what they had to say my experience has been i have been safe here and i feel safe here well i think that you know the mayor is discussing things create crimes that aren't haven't been reported what are those crimes that you think of me as probably carrying up to make another attempt to turn the lights around the park simply because someone walked into the park doesn't you know they're part of the movement
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a lot of these out what they've been critical of us characterize anyone who is within you know mile radius of this place as a protester and therefore reflective of our movement but as you can see anyone can come in here and that's fine you know we want to welcome people in but certainly because someone just dropped it doesn't mean they reflect what we're doing or that we promote what they're doing princeton professor and activist topper cornell west who's been a huge supporter of the occupation movement was down here in zuccotti park r.t. had a chance to catch up with him to get his thoughts on what mayor bloomberg has recently said that you think either own either of your own david trying to come up with a rationalization with another convincing reason do you think there's anything criminal about you know dangerous about this encampment like i think it was section of new york city has a day then. what it is there with human community every human community had something still supporting oh my god yes unincluded was there overall though all the activists that we have spoken with today say they feel as safe today as they
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have felt since day one of these occupy wall street movement they say the momentum is growing bigger it's growing louder it's growing larger and they are here to stay reporting from wall street or in a fortnight r.t. our correspondent lucy casanova's also covering the occupy protesters sets artie's twitter stream for more lucy was at the scene as these waiting to break up the rose protest in washington welcome to her twitter feed for full coverage of the incident photos of. her. wanted to divest dry. the occupy movement isn't a response on the wish it could help. a little later this hour we find out what some yorkers think. has people get wealthier a higher percentage of the think they have it up until they pass a certain point where you get even wealthier you want even more glory harford is still to the streets of the big apple to gauge public opinion to say what r.t.
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for the poll results in just a few. how in russia massive election campaign is now in full swing with seven parties competing for seats in the duma as a country's lower house of parliament candidates have until december third to woo voters with all their debates and enticing advertising on t.v. and in the print media. reports on the race. for the next thirty days all t.v. sets in russia will be talking politics politics and politics in other words the role of labor the rule of the people and socialism. freedom solidarity and justice alfre sanctuary is the most stoic and honest party which stands for the poor and the russians. banners future is with. banners educating for the top political parties and head of the december vote have been out for a while but the most cherished cake free t.v.
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and radio air has just been sliced seven parties are in the running for the duma seats and while the country's main political force the united russia party is only concerned by home depot a majority will be getting this time and many others are desperate to just make it into the parliament and the race is on a staunch communists are appealing to saudi. all who can use haven't lied a single time in one hundred years save the country from fascism in world war two we twice save the country from collapsing. we were the first in space of. a liberal democrat so yet again appealing to nationalism. the russian president should be the sole ruler in the caucasus we have to eliminate a crime culture in this region and introduce curfews in some areas video surveillance is a must. yes while just russia comes up with
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a robin hood plan to help the poor with the money of the rich if one wanted a reform number one is fighting poverty in introducing tax and luxury business and country should brief really. there had been another runner in this race lobbying for both small and big businesses billionaire me hope rocker of hopes were high he would create a powerful lobby for western minded liberals and parliament proper of himself was even considering running for president for the complaint fails. it field because a prosperous personality he thought that to run a party is a seems to run a business this is a strategic mistake considered a party members had been with a great cause much longer than have noticed teammates as his subordinates and they responded to him with all their might cause will take part in the vote but it's listed among outsiders one month ahead of the actions polls suggest united russia
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will gain at least forty three percent of the votes coming second hour communists with fourteen percent the liberal democrats will secure at least nine percent for the other four parties it will be largely about how they perform in t.v. debates and to secure at least one seat in the duma they will have to overcome a five percent threshold which amid very forehands the united russia party is list has even put his political future on the table saying he's possible posed as the country's prime minister the depend on how well the party's reforms and the election points prime minister putin is also backing united rough. and here's even become somewhat of a trademark of the party over the years we've chosen december azuma elections will each receive a sparkling new tea set a welcome gift from the government the specifics of the order are exacting certain will be made from white porcelain each with a gold trim each cup must hold a certain amount of tea interesting new though not all of the same size two hundred
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four are key and coffee serves for twelve persons while the remaining four hundred fifty are just scaled down and sets and while it's not clear which will win which set some jupiter discrepancy means they're not it washed up already has a point great plans for a tea party of its own following the december boat but we need at least two hundred four seats if you are. the israeli navy has boarded and block to goats carrying medical supplies to gaza the latest will tell there were twenty seven international activists on board and set sail from turkey on wednesday before more on this let's talk to the chairman of the popular committee against the seizure garri who is live in gaza for us mr eldred ari the blockade has been tightened since two thousand and six and we know there have been a number of attempts to serve in aid flotilla as the israeli government has
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activists concerned in overland why aren't activists using these are alternative means really offered by israel. just. to watch people suffering from the siege. the wrong from from gaza. there is. no reason for it is that you have to believe in. activist people coming. through this see the activists notice that the palestinian people is still suffering from this siege and see geneva convention against international laws. people innocent people severely and people because this. terrorist people being too much time to. send messages to
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the people that support them and also a message to israel when this is. wrong of wrong. on the wrong of wrong gaza this is it is only reason for people to. reach the gaza through the sea yet mr perry what about the message that israel is trying to send me this is not the first time they've flotillas before what are they trying to send out a message or trying to say by doing so. from the activist people to. its wealth and amanda seeing israel's government the massacre of these routes by by blocking the flotilla what is israel trying to say. yes the. people reached. because when you reach to gaza under sea.
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you bad situation in gaza and the. country is this about what they feel and this will do more and more people. and this. situation in. the national country is for supporting palestinian people and know exactly about the education about this about the. need the support for the palestinian people through the see through. support that area speaking about support for the palestinian people in the us cultural army at asco this week they admitted palestine as a member of this of course as positive signals to supporters of palestine but it has angered israel and the us has this move actually achieved anything for the palestinian people this acceptance to unesco. i think this is important.
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to be the palestinian country as a full member in. this. policy of people. in the future to lead to. ending the occupation in. this important and also this message to israel how many countries support. the palestinian needs will do for for. being here. are the members who are interested in her ok we're running a bit of out of time but i do want to ask you very briefly what do you personally see as the best way forward for israel and palestine to finally solve all of this. i think peace is the main issue. of greece and the handover.
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not to draw on the most from jerusalem. it must be also in the for it live. in peace this is a city which is without their rights were the procedure for independence. would not be a. peace pact thanks very much for your past there jamal al to carry chairman of the popular committee against the siege talking to us live from gaza. right well lots of other news from around the world now where we start with nigeria where series of bombing from attacks is left sixty three people killed and more than one hundred injured the assault on the town of them up to a lasted more than an hour hitting at several targets including the local police precinct and several churches and so far there have been no claims of responsibility for the attack this follows a military headquarters in neighboring bordeaux state being rocked by a triple suicide bombing that was going by the islamist group boko haram.
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in colombia troops have killed a top rebel commander delivering another severe blow to a lot of america's longest running guerrilla insurgency alfonso cano died during a military air and ground assault a reward of nearly four million dollars was offered for information leading to his capture the sixty three year old took over leadership of the rebels or two thousand and eight after the death of extolled counter. one of the top u.s. commanders in afghanistan has been sacked for making disparaging comments about the afghan political leadership general peter fuller said president karzai and his staff were quote isolated from reality washington has been quick to dismiss the state's statement as a personal opinion that doesn't reflect u.s. afghan relations the incident comes as foreign troops are gradually withdrawing from the country having control over to afghan forces. and in india a massive rescue operation is underway for fifteen construction workers kidnapped
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by modest rebels it's the latest attack by insurgents who want to establish communism in the country well they say they're fighting for the rural poor who have been left out of india's big city economic proofreader now has a story. these are the images people recognize when they think of india as maoist rebels for almost twenty five years the group has attempted to overthrow the government in violence and intimidation to turn india into a communist society in their eyes the government is not taking any interest in the indigenous people of rural india the government has called the maoists the single biggest security threat to india and it's held them responsible for displacing and killing thousands of civilians but far from the jungles of india a new maoist revolution is brewing like the movement in the rural areas this one is also anti-establishment but is largely focused on overthrowing multinational companies and development the maoists argue that the arrival of multinational
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companies here is actually cause further divide between rich and for they want to stay in india without the presence of quote unquote dominating was thirty companies where everyone has access to basic right var of our route the brains behind the uprising the highly educated man is in most senses the opposite of his counterparts in the jungle armed with a pen and paper and sitting in his relatively modern flat in hyderabad rao is seen as the intellectual leader of the maoists and a voice for a growing group of indians against globalization if the investment is from the. going to be. but the company said. in hyderabad as a symbol for many indians of the country's booming economy and presence on the global stage the city has the biggest microsoft research and development office
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outside the united states and for many in the city if the presence of foreign firms is welcome be operating a store. and get it get it to you mark i've got india to get into it's being used by the m.n.c. for. you know if you don't believe. in the big difference that meets the market seems to be. well most indians aren't convinced that communism is the answer many agree that india needs to find a way to improve on its own ideas of that very thing that india has such a rich who would be a source of minerals darkover learn all that come on science and technology there's fathers who wonder sources that we can produce and while they watch the uprisings around the arab world they believe it's the sub continents turn to demand change preassure either archie hyderabad of india and don't forget you
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can access any of our news at any time i visit our website at starting dot com here's what's on my for you right now but it really is hyper from a lot of us has reportedly valid today to take down radio websites like facebook and fox network public erika's or marquee vashon will move your money day and also online for you. the fruits of labor are russian baby dubbed the world's seven billionth citizen a central tug of war inches from south africa as a rather juicy were war will get it's a sabbat story and our team top cop. a russia simulated round trip to mars has successfully concluded after an eighteen month long test to see how a crew my cope with a long space flight the massive experiment was carried out without ever leaving moscow archy's peter all over and martin watched the mission and and met the
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volunteers who spent over five hundred days in isolation. after five hundred. twenty days of motion this trip are. we are proud to be true to prove that humanity can go to mass this is experiment to see basically the psychological effect a trip to mars would have on the crew and how they would work together inside such a facility now those that took part in this are looking to be part of future martian missions this whole operation was an international co-operative mission the russian space agency working with the european space agency to put this experiment into into practice now the crew itself was made up from people from all around the world three of them were russian there was representatives from china as well as from france and central america who will find out
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a little bit what it's like on the scene where the mars five hundred module is we can across to tom who is there tom what's going on where you are well peter i remember on june the third last year watching this door behind me. and that was the start of the five hundred twenty days which ended when i watched them the door open at last after all that time and the crew emerged little bit white faced a little bit bleary eyed into work and to a cheering crowd after all that time they all stood together in front of microphones and they said how glad they were to work with their other crew members and got through what is really quite a feat of an juror really to be in stice relation and with a great strict routine day in day out for all that time i remember seeing the some bookmakers and put eight to one odds on that one of the crew going insane as a result of this experiment that hasn't materialized and i think they can now look
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forward to the deep brief period free of all those tensions. as the occupy protest movement script the u.s. for a second month opinions are divided over some of its aims one of them is a tax hike for rich americans who demonstrators are blaming for the economic downturn laurie harshness has been on the streets of new york to ask whether people there agree. general public has been vilifying the very rich lately so what does the public consider too much money this week let's talk about that pardon a million too much money yeah if someone has more than a million should they pay more in taxes yes they absolutely said yes but i want too much money so i'm not going to answer. those ten million too much too much for too much when one of the women one million for another how i would say if people made more than a million dollars and they have bet on their bank account should they be forced to
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give back a moral or a moral and outs and general interestingly i saw once the to answer the question do you have enough money to curb goes like this as your wealth increases so people who don't have a lot feel that they don't have enough as the as people get wealthier a higher percentage of the think they have enough until it passes certain point whereas as you get even wealthier you could want even more so if you made ten million dollars would you i would give some of it away it's too much money are people that don't give it away and have that much in the wrong i guess it's a personal decision i just think that if you make that much money you could share it with someone that doesn't have so much should they be forced to through taxes like they do in scandinavia maybe so because sometimes if you don't force someone to do something and are going to do it no matter how much wealth you consider to be obscene the bottom line is when it comes to money it's hard for anyone to not want just a little bit more. along
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the way mass kaiser asks how asks how it's possible just to lose over half a billion dollars but before that a recap of our top stories if you. the close up scene has been to the bridges for technological breakthroughs save human
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lives. now hard she goes to the see. her unusual ways a technician. where farming pioneers place local cuisine to the highest pitch. and where future developments depend on the way. russia's black sea coast russia flows up on our cheek. wealthy british style. sometimes the title. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture.


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